About me

While I was born in the United States and am a US citizen, I love to travel. Over the years I have pursued a plethora of interests while traveling.

I have always been interested in innovation, technology. From a young age I traveled to many countries in Europe, South America and spent an undergraduate semester abroad in Australia. I have explored parts of Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia (primarily Japan) in addition to Central America. Throughout my life, and my travels, I have developed interests in geography, architecture, urban planning and innovation in transportation and communication.

I ultimately arrived at a crossroads of this wide array of interests in my discovery of Geographic Information Systems and its applications to web and mobile technologies. Since I love geography and the web I decided to include some maps on this site of places I have been to and are meaningful to me. If you want to read more about my travels I have a blog on travel and geography at geoidlife.com.

One of my favotrite places to travel is Uruguay. My parents are both from Montevideo, Uruguay and many of my relatives still live there.

Within Uruguay one of my favorite spots I have checked out is Punta Del Este, a unique peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean just a few hours northeast of Montevideo by car.